Where Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Meet

The TRANSITIONPERFECT process includes 3 and 4 day workshop experiences for small groups of 8-10 people in beautiful, quiet locations. A safe, productive atmosphere is created to facilitate discovery and learning.

Participants leave with a Transition plan that aligns personal values and priorities, with detailed plans of action. The program is fun and motivating, taking participants out of their comfort zone to practice new ways of being and taking action. The process includes coaching over the sixty days that follow each workshop.

Workshop participants are treated to expertly prepared gourmet meals and healthy snacks. Sleep and fresh air are also on the menu along with optional morning yoga/meditation sessions and time to reflect. All-inclusive pricing allows participants to give themselves fully to the experience.

3, 6, and 9 month coaching engagements are available following the workshop experience. Including, onboarding services in the case of work transition.


The Transition Spiral is a new and easy model for personal and team transition. Working the spiral can be fun, and provides easy access to the most critical topics and issues in our Transition.


“Being in this location, away for the weekend, reset me. I couldn’t imagine a more idyllic location for this work … my favorite part, however, was the program. I found it challenging, but very liberating.”

“Change needs a nurturing environment and there is a lot of nurturing here … I will never forget the experience.”

“I had to do something powerful for me and this is what I chose. It delivered beyond expectations.”

“The value of the time away to do this program is priceless. What price can you put on changing the way you think? I could have gone on for the next five years doing what I have always been doing … ”

“For me it was worth every minute and every dollar I spent … to take this time. It helped me shift my thinking and become much clearer about who I am and what direction I want to head in … ”



Located 60 minutes south of historic Savannah, Georgia, Hudson Creek Lodge is a beautiful coastal venue.

Program includes:
3 day/2 night stay, all program materials, food and beverage, and optional morning yoga/mediation sessions.

All-inclusive Fee:

Offered:   January 24-26, 2020 

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Located in the beautiful Lehigh Valley, Common Ground Farm and Retreat is 90 minutes from Philadelphia and 2.5 hours from midtown Manhattan, along the Appalachian Trail.

Program includes:
Program includes: 3 day/2 night stay, all program materials, food and beverage, and optional morning yoga/meditation sessions.

All-inclusive Fee:
$1,250 (early 2019)

New dates: TBA 

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Located in the land of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ Bali is the ultimate get-away. Also, a yoga/meditation paradise.

Program includes:
5 day/4 night stay, all program materials, full access to resort facilities, and optional morning yoga/meditation sessions.

All-inclusive Fee:

New Dates: TBA

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