“Tom led our team in a two-day offsite and I have to say, it was one of the most productive sessions I've attended. Cross-function collaboration is challenging and Tom gave us some great tools that will help us knock down barriers and clarify requests and commitments we make of each other.”

~ Adele Ravella, CEO, Buyers Persona Institute

"This workshop has crystallized several things for me. Including, where I can bring my best energy, experience, and strength to bear on others in the future and be a conduit for good … the workshop was fantastic."

~ Rob Cook, Retired CEO, Speakman Company

"Our organization had new vision and lofty goals, and our engagement with Tom brought clarity and alignment to our leadership team. We were able to hold candid and effective conversations about our roles, responsibilities, and the work ahead. We also received a new business language and set of tools to hold ourselves accountable. Tom's coaching approach helped us reach real-time solutions and agreements."

~ Chekemma J. Fulmore-Townsend President and CEO, Philadelphia Youth Network

"I have engaged Tom on numerous assignments to improve the leadership effectiveness in a very large geographic region of our firm. He has provided executive coaching for key individuals, including myself, and has conducted intensive team building workshops for our top managers. Tom is one of the very best coaches/consultants/partners I have engaged, and I highly recommend him to anyone trying to build a high performance, growth oriented leadership team.

~ David Kutch Former Regional Chairman, BNY Mellon

"Several years ago, I made a day trip to Philadelphia to receive professional advice from Tom. What grew out of a few hours together was a personal and professional script that I have maintained to this day including the completion of my new book, "The Art of Breakthrough: Collaborating on Audacious Undertakings". Tom's coaching helped me dial in closer to my professional calling."

~ Steve Staten, Consultant, Speaker, Author

Tom was a fabulous listener, observer, and trusted advisor. He did not try to change me as person. Rather, he coached me to leverage my strengths while being aware of how my "way of being" was critical to achieving my desired results. I learned to understand how I receive information and communicate with others. I was sad when my coaching engagement ended with Tom, but I frequently think of and deploy his words of wisdom on an ongoing basis.

~ Donna J. Cameron, Managing Director, Navigant Consulting