“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Max Planck


Transition Coaching focuses multiple eyes and ears on your situation, allowing you to see more clearly and take effective action. It helps break barriers to change including, avoidance, drama, distraction, comfort-seeking, and addiction to the past. Coaches see blind spots and offer insights. They bring both light and heat, when and where it’s needed.


Workshops and Coaching can be customized for intact teams at workshop venues as well as client sites. New leadership, new members, and new strategy are perfect openings for team coaching. These services are available for all types of teams from families and their businesses, to non-profit and governmental organizations.


Couples often face life experiences unprepared: marriage, children, empty nest, retirement, health and financial issues. Transition Coaching holds the time and space for couples to rediscover and reboot. It provides the process and scaffold until new habits take hold and produce their own results. Destination workshops such as the Bali Indonesia Retreat, can turn vacation time into relationship re-creation time.